(Local Officials Say Bill Would Remove Local Control Near Transit ProperitesBy CHRISTOPHER HOFFMAN Special to The CourantLaws and Legislation Public Transportation Paul R Doyle Connecticut General Assembly Dan Malloy Local officials say bill would preclude local control over property near transit stationsNEWINGTON Local officials and groups that represent municipalities are sounding the alarm over a bill they fear would strip towns and cities of control over development near train and CTfastrak stations.At issue is legislation proposed by Gov. Dannel P.Newington Zoning Board Nixes Proposal For High Density Housing CHRISTOPHER HOFFMANNEWINGTON Economic Development Director Andy Brecher’s proposal to encourage high density, high income housing in town ran into a buzzsaw of opposition this week before the zoning commission.NEWINGTON Economic Development Director Andy Brecher’s proposal to encourage high density, high income housing in town ran into a buzzsaw of opposition this week before the zoning commission. Yet another red flag is the makeup of the proposed board. Seven of the 11 members would be appointed by the governor or members of his administration, with no municipal representation. “This appears highly problematic.”

Representatives of the Connecticut Council of Small Towns and New Haven Deputy wholesale cheap jerseys Chief of Economic Development Stephen Fontana were among others also expressing concerns wholesale nfl jerseys about the bill.

“New Haven, like every community in Connecticut, has a clear, well defined, longstanding ability to what kinds of development it does and does not want,” said Fontana, who suggested the administration instead support a bill the city has proposed.

Malloy spokesman Mark Bergman said that all projects on nonstate owned land would still remain subject to local zoning under the bill. The eminent domain provisions are the same as those already held by other state agencies, he said.

Bergman said the administration has heard the concerns about the legislation and is working with local officials, CCM and legislators to address them.

“The larger point of the legislation is to make sure that local transit development is done in a coordinated fashion as opposed to a piecemeal, town by town wholesale jerseys fashion,” Bergman said. “The idea is to allow coordination between towns while still preserving local control for nonstate owned property.”

Worry over the legislation led Republicans on the Newington town council to send Malloy a letter over the weekend expressing opposition to the bill.

“The concern is that it strips towns and cities of the ability to make decisions on a local level by transferring it to an appointed body,” said Councilwoman Maureen Klett, whose town has worked extensively on plans to redevelop the areas around the two CTfastrak staions.

Newington Mayor Stephen Woods and his fellow town council Democrats did not sign the letter, but Woods said he believes the legislation needs changes. He said he is talking to the town’s legislators about amending the bill.

“If the bill goes through as it is now, I probably can’t support it,” he said. Brecher added that he supported changes to make the legislation clearer and alleviate worries.

State Sen. Paul Doyle, D Wethersfield, whose district includes Newington, said he is looking into changes to the bill. He noted the proposal still has a long way to cheap jerseys go, providing ample time for amendments.

State Rep. Gary Byron, R Newington, said he wants to kill the bill outright, but acknowledged that will be difficult given that the governor’s party controls the General Assembly.Articles Connexes: