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Rivalries, love affairs, competitions . and wieners?

Two Brooklyn playwrights have penned a musical comedy about the most famous of Coney Island institutions: the hot dog eating contest.

“The whole thing about [competitive eating] is so ridiculous and so American, we thought, ‘How can we translate this into musical theater?'” said Kristyn Pomranz, 28, who co wrote “Hot Dogs: The Competitive Eating Musical” with pal Katherine Steinberg, 30.

“It takes cheap nba jerseys china place at Ethan’s Frank Eating Competition, but we wanted to pay homage to Nathan’s,” said Pomranz. “It’s absolutely absurd.”

The hour and a half long comedy follows eight competitive eaters as they strive for “The Sauerkraut Sash” the musical’s version of the coveted Mustard Belt at the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island.

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