Vážení kolegové, milí studenti,

je čas, aby i naše škola začala navazovat kontakty s podobně zaměřenými školami v Evropské unii. Při odhalování pamětní desky spisovateli Rajmundu Habřinovi jsme mohli hovořit s velvyslankyní Slovinské republiky paní Smiljanou Knez. Paní velvyslankyně nám zprostředkovala kontakt s gymnáziem, které je také na venkově a jeho studenti jsou z podobných obcí a měst jako vy. Je to Gymnázium Ormož (http://386.gvs.arnes.si/).

Městečko Ormož (http://www.slovenia.info/?_ctg_kraji=3248) leží ve východní části Slovinska. Je v blízkosti maďarské, chorvatské i rakouské hranice. V okolí je několik termálních lázní, je to kraj vhodný pro cykloturistiku, vodáctví (protéká zde řeka Dráva), na jižních svazích oblasti Jerusalem se pěstuje mimořádně kvalitní víno.


Napsali jsme úvodní dopis ředitelce školy a dostali odpověď (viz. příloha). Nyní se budeme připravovat na první návštěvu vedení školy a zástupců pedagogického sboru. Bude to ale především spolupráce studentů obou škol. Vyzývám vás tedy k přípravě nejrůznějších projektů, které bychom chtěli se studenty a učiteli Gymnázia Ormož realizovat. Může to být na úrovni tříd, sportovních kolektivů, zájemců o konkrétní vědní obor i v podobě osobní korespondence. Jako komunikační jazyk je prozatím zvolen jazyk anglický. Věřím ale, že během času se naučíme i základy slovinského jazyka a naši partneři zase jazyka českého. Vždyť jsme Slované!!!


Garanty začínající spolupráce jsou v naší škole zatím Mgr. Eva Kokešová a Mgr. Radka Dolíhalová. Na ně se můžete obracet se svými podněty pro budoucí spolupráci. Můžete se také stát garanty konkrétní formy spolupráce. To platí jak pro studenty, tak i pro učitele.


S postupem spolupráce, s programem i plány budete seznamování na školních vývěskách, ve školním časopise i na www stránkách školy.


PhDr. Petr Kroutil, ředitel školy



Traffic jams up South Florida’s economyThat’s the cry from South Florida business owners as backed up roads take their toll on companies from Palm Beach County to the Keys.

A Miami Herald survey distributed through local chambers of commerce found that businesspeople overwhelmingly rate traffic here as “very bad,” saying it has gotten significantly worse in the last three years. More than half said employees at their company are “always or often” late because of traffic.

Though Miami’s traffic isn’t the nation’s worst that dubious distinction goes to cities including Honolulu, Los Angeles, cheap jerseys San Francisco and Austin the complaints aren’t the usual, idle grumbling.

Hard numbers back up the fact that local traffic is slowing to a crawl: Congestion in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties was up 21 percent in 2014 compared to the previous year, according to a study by the global traffic solutions firm INRIX.

From mom and pop shops to multi national corporations, traffic is making it harder to do business in South Florida.

“Everybody knows our roads are really, really crowded and it’s impossible to navigate during the day,” said Mitchell Friedman, a partner at the developer Pinnacle Housing Group. “It’s making it much harder for people to commute to work.”

The reasons for the growing traffic nightmare are clear.

Congestion fell 30 percent nationally after the recession. Now that the economy is back on its feet, workers laid off during the downturn have found new jobs and are wholesale jerseys hitting the roads during the morning rush. South Florida’s population is booming as out of towners move in. Tourists are flocking to the beaches. Gas is relatively cheap.

All that means more cars on the road, especially in a city where many commuters can’t easily use cheap jerseys china public transit.

Development becomes a sword that cuts both ways if infrastructure can’t keep up, said Tony Villamil, founder of the Coral Gables based consulting firm Washington Economic Group.

Making your way from South Miami Dade or Broward into downtown Miami’s central business district can feel like a journey through Dante’s circles of hell, workers say. Census data. But in South Florida’s more affordable cheap jerseys suburbs, that number rises. Commuters in Homestead face a daily, one way trip to work of 32.5 minutes. People who work in Kendall (30.5 minutes), Miramar (30.4 minutes), Pembroke Pines (29.9 minutes) and Weston (29.5 minutes) also face longer than average daily commutes, Census data show.

That means businesses in the urban core where affordable housing is scarce can lose out on employees.

“I had some job offers in Miami when I graduated college,” said Ashley Fierman, who lives in Cooper City and works in public relations. “But it’s no secret how bad traffic is in Miami. It’s like a parking lot. I couldn’t face that everyday.”

Fierman ended up taking a job in Plantation.

In the Miami Herald survey, businesspeople were clear that they think traffic is holding the local economy back.

About 86 percent of the 429 people who responded to the survey answered “yes” to the question: “Do you think traffic is hurting the economy in South Florida?” About 70 percent of those surveyed said traffic was hurting their companies directly.

They ranged from doctors and lawyers to restaurant owners, real estate agents and executives at major corporations.

Susan Sherr, an optometrist at an eye doctor’s practice in South Miami, says as many as a quarter of her patients run late to appointments because of traffic.

“The later in the day appointments tend to be the trickiest,” Sherr said. “They’re hitting that people coming out of work traffic.”

Late patients mean longer waits for all involved.

“It throws off our whole schedule completely,” Sherr said. “I like to use every second of the time I’m given with people. If they come in 10 minutes late, it’s not fair to take 10 minutes from the next person.”

But Sherr said she knows it’s not her patients’ fault.

“It’s part of life around here,” she said. “I really feel for the patients who call and say they’re stuck in some kind of awful jam. I know it. I live it.”

UNDER CONSTRUCTIONConstruction can be a particular pain for business owners. And these days it feels like every roadway in South Florida from the 826/836 interchange to Alton Road on Miami Beach is under construction or blocked by the construction of some new tower.

“I hear complaints about traffic all the time from members,” said Jerry Libbin, president and CEO of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, where Alton Road has been under construction since the spring of 2013 to alleviate flooding. “Unfortunately, some members feel a lot more pain than others, particularly when there’s construction outside their business. It can be very frustrating when the lanes get narrowed and then the construction workers park on the swales and take up parking that could be used for customers.”

Tourists are also unhappy about the backed up roads, according to a 2015 survey by the Greater Miami Convention Visitors Bureau. Traffic was the number one complaint from both domestic and international tourists.Articles Connexes:

MSc Aerodynamics and Computation

You will gain advanced knowledge of core subjects and have the option to select specialist modules; such wholesale jerseys as Race Car Aerodynamics and Hypersonic High Temperature Gas Dynamics. The last four months will exercise your research and practical skills. You will complete a major research project in line with industry needs.

The course will suit those from engineering, scientific and mathematical backgrounds with some experience of fluid dynamics.

View the specification document for this course

To ApplyYou can apply through the University of Southampton’s online postgraduate cheap jerseys china application system. For more background and detailed information, see How to Apply.

The deadline for new applications to this course is the 31st July each wholesale jerseys year.

AccreditationAccredited by the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) and the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) on behalf of the Engineering Council as meeting the requirements wholesale jerseys for Further Learning for registration as a Chartered Engineer. Candidates must hold a CEng accredited BEng/BSc (Hons) undergraduate first degree to comply with full CEng registration requirements.

Programme cheap jerseys from china StructureThe MSc course lasts for 12 months. The cheap nfl jerseys first 8 months are normally spent mainly on the taught component, with lectures divided into two 12 week periods (Semesters 1 and 2), and with exams at the end of each semester. The final 4 months are spent full time on a research project, for which some preparation is cheap nfl jerseys from china done in Semester 2.

The taught component comprises a number of modules totalling 120 credit points. Among these, 50 credit points are compulsory, and the rest can be selected from the given list in the modules section. Suitable alternative modules, perhaps from other courses, may be substituted at the discretion of the Course Organiser.

Exit Points

The taught component of wholesale nfl jerseys the MSc course is assessed independently of the research project component. Progression to the research project depends on successful completion of the taught component. The MSc award depends on passing the examinations and on successful completion of a dissertation on the project. The possible exit points are:

PG Certificate (60 Credit Points)

PG Diploma (120 Credit Points)

We only accept applications to the 180 Credit MSc course. The PG Diploma and PG Certificate are exit points only and are not standalone qualifications. Those candidates with relevant employment experience will be considered if they do not meet the requirements. Applications are assessed individually, and any candidates who do not match the standard profile but who have appropriate academic qualifications and/or industry experience are encouraged to apply.

Equivalent QualificationsRelevant employment experience would be considered if a candidate does not meet the formal qualifications requirements. We are always happy to receive applications from candidates with equivalent qualifications. If you are unsure about our entry cheap jerseys criteria, please contact our admissions staff who would be happy to provide advice in advance of your application.

English Language requirementsIf your first language is not English, we need to ensure that your listening, written and spoken English skills would enable you to enjoy the full benefit of your studies. Disabled applicants will be treated according to the same procedures as any other applicant with the added involvement of the Disability Office to cheap jerseys assess their needs. hearing impairment, visual impairment, mobility difficulties, dyslexia), particularly the practical laboratory sessions, and we will attempt to accommodate students wherever possible.

Visit our International Office website or

the NARIC website for further information on qualifications.

ModulesTypical course contentYou will study a number of core and optional subjects during both semesters. These provide sound preparation for the final part of the degree, the Research Project.Articles Connexes: